Steroid Masyu:

This is a variation of Nikoli's Masyu puzzle and the explanation below assumes familiarity with it.  Like normal Masyu, each puzzle has a unique solution in the form of a loop which does not intersect itself and satisfies all of its constraints (in the form of "pearls").

I wanted to create a version that makes uses of diagonals as well, which introduces two new clues.

Having line segments that could arbitarily move in 8 directions would be unwieldy. So, there's a 5th type of clue that works as a connector or bridge between the diagonal and orthogonal and (in its behavior) is like a hybrid  of black and white clues.

Here is the key and a bit more detail on how the clues can behave:


Sample Puzzle (8x8, Easy) and Answer:
sample and answer

Any feedback is welcome.  On to the puzzles!


Puzzle 1 (8x8, Easy): (Answer)
puzzle 1


Puzzle 2 (12x12, Medium):
puzzle 2


Puzzle 3 (16x16, Medium): (Answer)

puzzle 3

Special thanks to cyrebjr  for his all too many corrections.  They all should have unique solutions now.  The 3rd puzzle in particular had quite a few changes and I downgraded the difficulty some to medium.