Here's another hybrid puzzle. In a sense, each solution is both a valid Nurikabe and a valid Fillomino solution.

All given numbers clues in the puzzle are Fillomino-style clues. Each bold number is also a Nurikabe clue (referring to an "island" of that many squares).

There's an additional dimension to the puzzle. Each island of size n needs to be filled with numbers from 1 to n, one square each. This aspect of the puzzle is similar to the Nurikabe Sudoku puzzle I published last year.

Incidentally, I was going to call this Nuri-Fill originally, but I decided it sounded too much like a cough medicine or something. :)

Hopefully, the sample puzzle sheds some light.. Note how there's only one possible place for 2-square in the 3-island given the 5 clue in the 4th column.

Sample Puzzle (4x4):

puzzle 3

On to the puzzles! Any feedback is welcome. These two are on the easier side and I think the logic required to solve them has a nice push-and-pull between the two puzzle types.


Puzzle 1 (7x7, Easy to Medium): (Answer)
puzzle 1


Puzzle 2 (13x12, Medium):

puzzle 2